Mauwaphant To Have 10-Bed Hospital

The Mauwaphant in Raghuganga rural municipality in the district is to have a 10-bed hospital soon.

As per the decision of the government to construct at least one hospital in one local level, Mauwaphant has been selected for the same.

Accordingly a decision has been taken to move ahead with the process of management of land necessary for the hospital, said chief administrative officer Amrit Subedi.

The hospital is expected to cost more than 100 million rupees for construction. This year a budget of Rs. 8.5 million has been allocated.

Prior to this, a project proposal to replace the Begkhola health post in Raghuganga-1 with a hospital was endorsed by the federal government.

But it will be now shifted to Mauwaphant, which is a centre point for people of the local level, said rural municipality Chair Bhawa Bahadur Bhandari. The health post will be upgraded.

Source : RSS,