Media Sector Asked To Provide Suggestions On Impact Of COVID-19

The High-Level Study Committee formed to assess the overall impact of COVID-19 on media sector has urged the media houses to help the Committee by providing their opinions, feedback, suggestions and comments.

As per the decision taken on August 11, the government had formed the Committee under the leadership of Chairman of Minimum Wages Fixation Committee Rajendra Aryal to submit a report by studying overall impacts of COVID-19 on media fraternity.

The Committee is assigned to study existing situation of media, impact analysis, possible outcomes, the management situation of working journalists, efforts taken for risk reduction, role of the government and additional challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

State-owned RSS, Gorkhapatra Corporation, Radio Nepal and Nepal Television have been urged to submit their feedback.

The Committee’s Secretariat is at Press and Information Coordination Section in Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Source : RSS,