Media Should Be Voice Of Voiceless: CM Gurung

Chief Minister of Gandaki State Prithivi Subba Gurung has asserted that the media should eloquently raise voice of the voiceless.

Inaugurating the Everest FM in Pokhara today, CM Gurung opined that the media should make the stakeholders more responsible.

Stating that the Gandaki Province State government was effortful to ensure health security to the citizens of the State, Gurung expressed his confidence that the media would help inform the public about government’s activities and perform the role of a ‘watchdog’ to correct its weakness and lapses.

He also shared that the State government had taken forward the process to provide advertisement of public interest to strengthen the media in the state.

Similarly, Federation of Nepali Journalist s (FNJ)’s central member Ram Krishna Gyawali commended that the Everest FM was brought into operation at the time when the COVID-19 pandemic has also affected media sector.

FNJ Gandaki State President Tribhuvan Poudel was hopeful that the FM service launched by veteran journalists would win the people in the State.

Likewise, outgoing Chairperson of Minimum Wages Fixation Committee’s Gangadhar Parajuli extended his best wishes to the Everest FM with 1,000 watt of capacity. The FM is broadcasted at 93 MHz.

Deependra Shrestha of the Everest FM shared about the planning to launch a youtube channel as well.

Source : RSS,