Meet Purna BK – working two jobs to make ends meet, but deeply passionate about music

Kathmandu, Nepal:

Originally from Katari, Udayapur, MNTV’s connection with Purna BK primarily stems from their shared love for music – and has extended for months as MNTV Hall of Fame progresses into its 11th episode.

Purna has a deep seated passion for music, and despite the difficulties in his life, always makes time for his passion. He lives with his wife and daughter in Lalitpur – during the day he works in the construction sector, and in the evenings he sings at a local restaurant Sailung Rodhighar. However, for the things he loves – that is his family and music – he always has time, even after a tiring day.

His wife too is very happy and proud with Purna’s musical journey in MNTV Hall of Fame – II.

“I am very happy with Purna’s musical aspirations – and plus he has made it to the Top-9. I wish him luck, and it gives me happiness to see him enjoy his passion”, she tells us.