Meeting Of Disaster Management Executive Committee Kicks Off

The meeting of the Disaster Management Executive Committee has begun in Singha Durbar as the rain-induced disasters started taking their toll across the nation.

Malati Panta, information officer at the committee, said the meeting had begun immediately after the committee received information regarding the loss caused by flood and landslide across the nation including Melamchi and Helambu of Sindhupakchowk on Tuesday.

“Discussions as to the preventing the casualties, providing compensation to the victims and strategies that are to be implemented are being held in the meeting,” said Panta.

A total of four people have gone missing and few casualties have been reported in Helambu Area since Tuesday night. Meanwhile, the flood in Kaligandaki River has swept away the Beni embankment and the Rapti highway of the Dang-Salyan road section has been obstructed.