Members Of Labour Employment Bank Go To India For Work

Members of the Labour Employment Bank formed by Raskot Municipality in the district to end unemployment have left for India to look for work after they failed to get employment within the country.
The municipality had been employing a group of 260 youth of the municipality since 2019 under the Labour Employment Bank.
The members of the bank formed by the municipality have said that they have to go to India after failing to find any work in their villages.
Padak Bahadur Khadka, chairman of the Labour Employment Bank, said that many of its members left for India to get employment as the development budget of the municipality was spent to control COVID-19.
He said the municipality had provided employment to the youth for a year, but the COVID-19 pandemic ruined everything thereafter.
A team commander was appointed for each 20 members. Nirman Shahi, one of the team commanders, has himself been to India for employment.
He had written on social media that he was heading to India saying that his group was unable to find any job in the municipality.
However, the municipality refuted Nimaran Shahi’s statement.
He went to India as he could not work on his own and chose another team leader, clarified the municipality.
Chairman Khadka has alleged that the team leaders who had good relations with the mayor were getting jobs and others went to India for employment.
He said that only the members of ward nos. 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 of the municipality were getting employment.
The members of the group, including Ram Raj Upadhyay, Tank Simkhada, Raj Simkhada, Kabiraj Simkhada, Devi Bhakta Chaulagain, Durga Khadka and other members of Raskot Municipality-2 of the Labor Employment Bank had already left for India.
The municipality had spent more than Rs. 37.5 million of the development budget for the prevention and control of COVID-19 last year.
The municipality has also admitted that the members of the Labour Employment Bank could not find work after the development budget was spent to control COVID-19.
Deputy Mayor Mimsara Bam Shahi said they were facing problems to create jobs.
Shahi said that those who were awarded long-term work were getting work as the work was not completed, but others who completed their works were unable to find new work.