Memorial Built In Honour Of Tea Workers

A memorial (statue) has been built in Ilam in honour of the tea workers.

The eastern hilly district in Province 1 is considered as the hub of tea production.

The idol established at the Chowk Bazar of Ilam municipality features a woman harvesting and putting tea leaves on a traditional bamboo basket on her back.

It was unveiled on Thursday on the occasion of International Human Rights Day which falls on December 10 each year.

The structure is made of copper and brass and the project is funded by the municipality, municipality information officer Ram Kumar Shah said.

Besides, the construction of an idol of Gajraj Singh Thapa is going on.

Thapa, the then Badahakim (Chief Administrator) of Ilam is credited for starting tea farming in the country.

The first tea farming in the country had begun in 1920 BS with tea plant imported from China.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,