Mental Health Training Imparted To Workers Of Mountaineering Sector

A special training related to mental health for Nepali workers in the mountaineering sector has been concluded.

The training was organised at joint coordination of Foreign Employment and Welfare Department, Women and Youth Department and Health Committee under the Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) where 39 workers associated with mountaineering association had participated.

At the inaugural session, Vice-President of NRNA and Coordinator of Foreign Employment and Welfare Department, Dr Badri KC, said that the workers in the field including foreign employment have been found adversely affected due to mental problems following COVID-19.

He further said that the training has not only benefitted the workers and people related with mountaineering sector, but it has also been benefitted their families and society indirectly.

KC shared that the NRNA has also been providing support to Nepali workers affected by COVID-19 for relief and rescue in various destination countries and even after returning to Nepal.

Similarly, another Vice-Chair of the NRNA and Coordinator of Women and Youth Department, Rabina Thapa, opined that the Corona has affected all sectors economically and socially, as well as the mountaineering and trekking business.

Source : RSS,