Meringden Rural Municipality To Offer Scholarship For Hydro Engineering Study

Meringden rural municipality of the district has come up with a policy to provide scholarship for hydropower engineering study. The scholarship support is to be provided to one boy and one girl students of the rural municipality for the study from upcoming fiscal year.

Unveiling the annual policy and programme for the fiscal year 2021/22 on Wednesday, the announcement of scholarship support was made.

Meanwhile, the rural municipality has also laid emphasis on special educational incentive programme so as to increase the school enrollment rate to seven percent by bringing under 16 helpless students to the access of school education. To implement this scheme, the rural municipality has declared to support Rs 500 each.

Likewise, the policy and programme has also included a campaign to declare Meringden as literate rural municipality through informal education.

It has also come up with the policy to continue teaching and learning in local language for the protection of indigenous language and culture
The rural municipality has presented the annual budget of Rs 411.65 million for upcoming year.

Source : RSS,