Micro Hydei Project Resumes Operation After Maintenance

The Darkhola second micro hydropower project based in Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality-2, Lulang has come into operation after maintenance. The hydel project was closed after the flood occurred on July this year caused damages.

The project with 43-KW capacity was shut when the flood-fed Darkhola in Lulang swept away power house and canal. Lulang is geographically remote and has no access to electricity linked to central transmission line and road transport.

Chairperson of Users’ Committee Gyan Bahadur Paika shared that the project was repaired at the cost of Rs 2.2 million with the assistance of Gandaki Province government and Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality.
“Test production was done successfully on Sunday following maintenance”, he shared, adding power supply would be regular within a couple of days.

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