Midday Meal At Community Schools

The scheme of midday meal at community schools has begun in the district. There are a total of 288 community schools.

The scheme launched with the financial assistance of Education Ministry is expected to improve students’ performance. The schools have claimed that with the launch of the midday meal, students have been attracted to schools and their learning activities have improved.

A 5th Grader at Mahendra Jyoti Secondary School in Lunkhu of Mahashila Rural Municipality-5, Nisha Adhikari, shared, “In the morning, we had to come to school in hurry after morning meal at home. We used to think of leaving schools being hungry daytime. But, now, we get meal at midday.” She added that it has helped them concentrate to the study.

Similarly, school principal Gopal Prasad Adhikari informed that students stopped leaving school at midday after they were provided meal. Their performance also improved, he claimed.

The budget for the day meal is provided by rural municipality- Rs 15 per student. The students take different food items as per their taste. The budget is transferred directly to the bank account of schools, according to spokesperson at Mahashila Rural Municipality, Jivan Uchai Thakuri.

The Education Development and Coordination Unit in the district said the scheme of midday meal was implemented in some 288 schools of seven local levels in the district. Unit Chief Uddhim Raj Poudel argued that with the introduction of the programme, even the students quitting schools have rejoined the class.

Source : RSS,