Middle Bhotekoshi Hydel Project To Be Complete In A Year, Claims Project Manager, 65 Per Cent Works Completed So Far In Nine Years

Only 65 per cent of works has been completed in the last nine years of the 102mw Middle Bhotekoshi Hydropower Project, the largest hydel project in the district, operated by Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut Company Limited.

Started in 2013 in the initiative the Chilime Hydropower Company Limited, it was supposed to be completed by 2016. However, Surya Nath Bhurtel, officiating project manager of the Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut Company Limited, claimed that the project would be complete within a year.

Presently, 70 Nepalis and 189 Chinese workers are working on the project. 415 meters out of a 724-meter long tunnel is yet to be constructed. Only 75 per cent of the powerhouse and 50 per cent of works related to dam construction has been accomplished so far.

The process to install the transmission line from Barhabise to the project site, which is only 4km in distance, has started.

As 8 out of 13 towers of the transmission line need to be stalled in the forest area, the process has been started to seek approval from the ministry of forest and environment for cutting down the trees as necessary.

Meanwhile, the process to provide compensation to the landowners for installing towers in the private land has also started. Five of the 13 towers have to be set up on privately owned land.

Bhurtel attributed the delay in project completion to the Earth Quake in 2015, Indian economic blockade, COVID-19 Pandemic, and natural calamities such as landslides including the one at Jure and flooding.

The project is being built with a domestic investment of 14.5 billion rupees. China’s Guangxi Hydroelectric Construction Bureau and the ANDRITZ Hydro are involved in the construction of the project.

Source : TRN,