Mini Oxygen Plant Set Up At Bhirkot Of Syangja

Owing to the increasing demand for oxygen to treat the COVID-19 patients, a mini oxygen plant has been established in Bhirkot Municipal Hospital of Bhirkot Municipality in Syangja district.

The oxygen plant was established in a joint investment of the National Invention Centre and Bhirkot Municipality. Mayor of the municipality Chhayaram Khanal said that the mini oxygen plant was established to save lives of people.

“Now no one in Syangja will die in lack of oxygen,” he said. The oxygen plant, which was established at a cost of Rs. 2 million, can be used by 12 persons at a time, said Khanal.

The oxygen plant was established as a trial for the first time in Nepal, said engineer Ritesh Dev of the centre.

A research on the mini oxygen plant was done in Kathmandu before establishing it at Bhirkot municipal hospital, said Dev, adding that the trial was successful. Nepal will no more face the problem of oxygen, said Dev.

“The mini oxygen plant can be established anywhere in Nepal.” As per the latest research, the mini plant can supply oxygen to 25-30 patients at a time, he added.

According to Dev, the oxygen plant set up at Bhirkot municipal hospital can supply five liters of oxygen per minute to 12 patients each at a time. A team of 10 employees of the National Invention Centre had set up seven oxygen generators in two days. These machines continue to function for two hours even after the power cut.