Minister Karki Assumes Office

Minister for Communication and Information Technology Gyanendra Bahadur Karki assumed his office Friday evening after attending the Cabinet meeting.
Earlier, he was serving as Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs.

After assuming the office, Minister Karki for the first time signed on a document prepared by the Ministry on the annual progress report of the Ministry through digital technology before its publication.
The digital signature of the Minister was done so as to continue the halted process of resuming digital signature campaign of the country in the government offices and Ministries. A programme was organised by the Ministry to welcome Minister Karki.

After assuming the office, Minister Karki urged the Ministry’s staffers and all the employees to make and work dedicatedly so as to make every work of the Ministry visible to the general public.
For the fulfillment of the public aspiration, the Minister directed the employees and government bodies to work with full dedication and being accountable to the country and its people.

Secretary at the Ministry Dr. Baikuntha Aryal also expressed his confidence that the Ministry and employees would all be able to execute their duties as signed in the work appraisal agreement to give the best result and performance to the Minister and stand as the best Ministry among others.
All the government units under the Ministries and their heads and departmental chiefs were present to welcome newly appointed Minister Karki.

Source : TRN,