Ministry Of Physical Infrastructure Development In Bagmati State Reeling Under Human Resources Crunch

The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development in the Bagmati State is facing a crunch of workforce, affecting service delivery and administrative work.

Although the Ministry has a quota of 55 employees, only 34 employees were currently working in the Ministry while the lack of adequate staffers has resulted in dismal delivery of public services.

The ministry has a total of 21 vacant posts of which 16 are for engineering service, three section officers, one senior division engineer (civil) and one under-secretary (general administration).

The Public Service Commission of the State has been asked for the management of additional staffs for the Ministry, said the Ministry’s Information Officer Rajan Pokharel.

To address the human resources crunch in the Ministry, process to hire staffs on a contract basis has been forwarded, said Pokharel.

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