Ministry suggests local levels to classify land

The Ministry of Land Management, Cooperative and Poverty Alleviation has suggested the local governments for the classification of land at the earliest possible time.
The Ministry made such appeal to the local governments as sales and rights ownership of land has not taken place for lack of land classification.

Ministry’s secretary Dr Damodar Regmi said that planned development would be expedited and citizens’ challenges would be resolved soon after the land classification.

The land revenue offices and survey offices have been cooperating with the local governments through technical expertise and others assistance. “Most of the issues and grievances would be resolved if the local governments classify the land sooner. The survey and land revenue offices have been directed to make technical assistance,” Dr Regmi added.

The Ministry is of the view that development of physical infrastructure has suffered while the road networks are mismanaged, and the cultivable lands are shrinking for delayed land classification. (RSS)