Mithila Painting Exhibition in the United States

  • July 30, 2019

An exhibition of Mithila paintings was held in the United States of America in July. More than two dozen paintings created by Mithila artists from Nepal were displayed in the show. Association of Nepali Terai in America (ANTA) had organised the one-day exhibition in Princeton of New Jersey state at the initiation of ANTA chief spokesperson Aprajita Jha.

Chief Attorney of State 2 Dipendra Jha had inaugurated the show in the presence of ANTA president Vijay Singh, ANTA member Mohan Kumar Yadav, visiting social activist Tula Narayan Sah and others.

According to spokesperson Jha, the exhibited paintings were created by the artists during Mithila Art Exposition and Competition held by ANTA last year in Janakpur.  Speaking at the exhibition, Jha further said that since all the showcased artworks were made by female artists, the exhibition was hosted in the US for popularising and empowering the female artists.