MNTV Hall of Fame – II completes audition round, progresses to ‘challenge round’ as excitement builds

Kathmandu, Nepal

MNTV Hall of Fame – II, an iconic global online singing competiition has completed its audition round in its first six episodes. 50 contestants from more than a dozen countries displayed their musical aspirations with judges Deep Shrestha, Bivek Shrestha (Kandara), Rajina Rimal.

25 participant (plus 2 surprise reveals) will progress to the show’s next round – the challenge round. In the challenge round, the judge’s will assign the contestants’ songs, and the contestants will have to prove their competency to progress to the next round.

Audience excitement around the show has grown immensely contributing towards the show’s popularity.

Watch MNTV Hall of Fame – II (Episode 5 and 6)