Mock Flood Practice Conducted Along Karnali River Corridor

A mock flood practice has been carried out along the Karnali River basin in Rajapur municipality-1, Daulatpur of Bardiya. The District Disaster Management Committee took the initiative to conduct the mock practice programme. It was carried out to make the rescue and search operation effective during the floods.

The Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police had provided technical assistance in conducting the flood-induced damage control event. A primary aid team of the Nepal Red Cross Society had provided first aid services to the rescued injured in the mock event. All the stakeholders had participated in the event.

The District Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan, 2021 and Monsoon Early Warning Action Plan have specified a provision to test the plan for its effectiveness. In order to carry out the pre-test of the plan, the mock practice was done in the area near Daulatpurghat along the Karnali river corridor.

Inaugurating the practice session, Chief District Officer and District Disaster Management Committee Bardiya coordinator Santa Bahadur Sunar said the mock would help make early preparation for search and rescue of flood survivors in emergency times.

Source : RSS,