MoHP Directs All Hospitals To Ensure Management Of Oxygen

The Ministry of Health and Population has directed all hospitals to remain in a ready position to ensure the management of oxygen, which is used during the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Following the resurging cases of the virus with the prevalence of new variants and shortage of oxygen supply, Dr. Samir Kumar Adhikari, assistant spokesperson of the Ministry directed all hospitals to make preparations for the facilitation of oxygen supply by issuing a letter.

He has requested hospitals to not hold empty cylinders and refill them on time. The public has also been requested to not store oxygen cylinders unnecessarily.

Oxygen plant has been installed in 30 hospitals nationwide. According to the Health Ministry, these oxygen plants have the capacity to fill 2,549 oxygen cylinders daily. Some hospitals even have liquid oxygen tanks.

“Hospitals are capacitated to fill over 6,000 oxygen cylinders daily and oxygen suppliers can fill around 8,000 cylinders daily,” said Dr. Adhikari.

The Health Ministry informed despite having enough oxygen gas, the nation was in short of oxygen cylinders.