Monkey rampage displaces human settlements

Human settlements in the lower belt of Bhojpur district are being displaced with increasing rampage of monkeys.
Local dwellers have been compelled to abandon their settlements after monkeys ruining crops cultivated in the field. With the settlements emptying, the monkeys are coming up to the upper belt of the district.
Most of the areas of Bhojpur are facing troubles triggered by monkeys. Local residents of Ram Prasad Rai Rural Municiplaity-4, Dalgaun have left the settlements due to growing monkey invasion. Some of the folks have been displaced with the monkeys destroying their agriculture harvests.
Tek Bahadur Tamang, a local, said over a dozen households here left the village when monkeys frequently entered the settlements and troubled human activities.
He further said the local people were compelled to abandon settlements when they failed to protect their hard-earned harvests. “Human settlements have turned empty with the monkeys panicking the people”, he said, adding, “In no time, the wild beast (monkey) come and ruin the crops cultivated for annual consumption. There is no way to chase away the rampaging monkeys in settlements”.
The monkey terror has become all-pervasive across the settlements in the lower belt of the district lately when locals started migrating to other safer areas, Indra Bahadur Rai, a resident of Temkemaiyung-6, Kot. There is no situation that human being can sustain in the villages with the monkey rampage, he narrated.
Local level efforts are not turning effective to do away with monkey horror. The wild languor has denuded the fertile land and ruined livelihood options in villages, locals complained, calling for the State to explore appropriate options. (RSS)