Monkeys Terrorize Villagers In Rolpa

Locals in Madi, Gangadev and Parivartan Rural Municipalities in the district are living under constant fear as dozens of monkeys have been on a rampage for a long.

The monkeys were reportedly attacking people and damaging their crops and homes in these settlements.

A local Mandhoj Pun Magar complained that the locals are found panicked as monkeys were damaging crops and fruits there. He also shared that some of the villagers were enforced to shift their settlements due to the constant attacks of the monkeys.

The villages have no irrigation facilities for farming and cultivation and are compelled to wait for rainwater, however, grown crops being based on rainwater are frequently damaging by the wild animals pushing the farmers to famine.

It is stated that monkeys have been inhabiting near the villages increasing their frequent attack on the settlements and farmlands.

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