Monsoon Activities Heading To Stop

Meteorologists have said that the monsoon rains have almost stopped in most parts of Nepal although the monsoon has not receded entirely from the country.

According to the Meteorological Department, the monsoon phenomena have retreated from the entire Sudurpaschim and Karnali Provinces and the western region of Lumbini Province from last Friday.

In other places too, the monsoon has almost ended, Meteorologist Manju Basi said.

According to her, most parts of Provinces 1, 2, Bagmati and Gandaki and the eastern part of Lumbini Province still have a sparse impact of monsoon.

“But even in these regions, the rain has stopped falling,” the meteorologist said Sunday.

She said that it may take another three to four days for the monsoon to recede from Nepal and it might happen earlier than that. “The rain has stopped occurring in many parts of the country, we hold discussions on Sunday and Monday and will update to the media soon,” said the meteorologist.

According to meteorologists, the usual date for the monsoon to recede from Nepal is October 2, but it has been delayed by a few days.

Source : TRN,