Monsoon Not To Withdraw Soon

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) Monday said that there is no immediate chance of withdrawal of monsoon from Nepal within its stipulated time on October 3.
Meteorologist at DHM Raju Pradhananga said the monsoon is not likely to withdraw immediately considering the current partially to generally cloudy situation of the country resulting light to moderate rains in sporadic places of the country, including the Kathmandu Valley.
According to him, for the withdrawal of monsoon, the wind should blow from west to east and the water vapour coming from the Bay of Bengal should stop.
“It simply came to our notice then. Therefore, there is no possibility of immediate receding of monsoon,” said meteorologist.
The monsoon entered Nepal on June 11 this year. Since then, the monsoon period has been modified. Earlier, the monsoon usually used to enter Nepal on June 10 and recede on September 23. From this year, amending this timeline, the DHM has made new timeline for the onset and withdrawal of monsoon, and that is on June 13 and October 2 respectively.
This time the monsoon entered Nepal two days earlier (June 11) than the average time. According to another meteorologist Shanti Kandel, the onset and withdrawal times of monsoon are normally modified every 10 years. But that has not been the case in Nepal for last 30 years, she said.
She said that as the monsoon is currently in breaking stage and during this time, it is normal to have rain with thunder and lightning especially in the evening and night time due to heat during the day time. “This is not a pattern of cloud burst but simply a sign of the breaking stage of monsoon,” she said. 

Source : TRN,