Monsoon To Have Delayed Exit, Rain Forecast Till Saturday

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has forecast rainfall throughout the country until Saturday due to the influence of the western low pressure system.

Meteorologist Shanti Kandel said the low pressure system is in the northern area of Chhatisgadh, India and it is in the process of moving north westward from there, hence the possibility of rainfall till Saturday.

The normal time for the exit of monsoon is September 23 or today. Meteorologists predict that this year the monsoon will exit one week late than the normal time. It is said the monsoon activities would still intensify for three or four days since it looked like this western low pressure system will remain in Nepal for some days. “There is less possibility of sun being seen until Saturday,” Kandel said.

The weather is generally to completely cloudy throughout the country at present with light to moderate rainfall taking place in many places.

Tonight, the weather will be generally to fully cloudy with many places getting light to moderate rainfall. There is possibility of heavy rainfall at one or two places of State 1, State 5, the Gandaki State and the Karnali State tonight, the Meteorological Forecasting Division said.

The weather update of the Division states that Kathmandu Valley received 45.0 millimetres rainfall today. Similarly, Pokhara received 48.0, Dangadhi got 10.0 millimetres, Dipayal received 26.7 millimetres, Simara got 30.5 millimetres and Dhankuta received 40.0 millimetres rainfall today.

Source: RSS, Photo: RSS,