More Teej Songs Getting Released

Teej, the festival of Nepali women, is now around the corner. And many singers are trying to cash in on the festival by releasing one song after another.

A Teej targeted song ‘Marinchha Ki Sailo’ has already hit the market. Popular singers Bimal Raj Chhetri, Radhika Hamal, Khuman Adhikari, Januka Tamang and Khem Century have lent their voices in this song.

Similarly, singers Eleena Chauhan and Benisha Poudel have released their Teej song titled ‘Nakkali Nabhannu Malai Barilai’. Eleena and Benisha have given voice to the song written by Roshan Singh. Bhim Nepali has composed its music.

Similarly, singer Chandra Acharya’s song ‘Tamra Mayale’ has also been made public. The song is written by Laxmi Prasad Gautam and the music is composed by Surat Pradhan.

Another song ‘Teej Mahamari Kanda Doshro Mahamari’ sung by Khem Century, Sharmila Gurung, Devi Gharti Magar and Purushottam Poudel was released in June 30. This song written by Netra Aryal focuses the issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, natural calamities and political issues.

Khem Century himself has composed its music. Similarly, singer Gita Shrestha has released a Teej song on the life story of Sabita Bhandari and Susmita Thapa Chhetri, both of them were told to be murdered by their in-laws.

The festival of Teej is considered to be a suitable time for the singers to release their works, and many Teej songs are in pipelines. This year the Teej festival falls on August 13.

Source : TRN,