Mount Everest To Witness World’s Highest Fashion Show

The Mount Everest Fashion Runway has announced a sustainable fashion project in Nepal with the aim of supporting the Himalayan community and preserving environment.
It has joined hands with the Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) and launched ‘8848.86 – A Dollar a Meter initiative’ which includes programmes to produce sustainable clothes, jewelries and special souvenirs of the prototype of Sagarmatha, the world’s tallest peak.

The event will be organised as a fashion show at the highest altitude of 5,600 metres in Khumbu region which also will be an official attempt for the Guinness World Records and feature 17-day trekking on Mt. Everest region. A television reality show will also be developed featuring the event.

“We want to convey the sustainability fashion message to the world. It’s about reducing pollution as well,” Chief Executive Officer of the Fashion Runway Pankaj K. Gupta said at a press conference organised in Kathmandu to inform about the event.

“Guinness Word Records is just a byproduct for us. Nepal has so many things to give to the world. We will create something that people can carry back to their home from this country,” he added.
The initiative would develop some completely ‘made in Nepal’ things such as garments of silk, jewelries of precious stones found in Nepal and replica of Mt. Everest.

According to Gupta, they don’t want donation to support the mountain community rather they want to promote social business. The profits made by selling the special products will go to the HCI and local community.
Chairman of HCI and Asian Trekking, and Everest summiteer, Dawa Steven Sherpa, said that the initiative is a solution to the people who are impacted by climate change.
“World record holder Appa Sherpa and I reached Denmark at the COP15 and raised the voice of the Himalayan community. Appa was himself a climate victim, a glacial lake outburst had swallowed his house and property. But the world asked for the solution from us,” he said.

Therefore, this event is an attempt to draw the attention of the world to the Himalayas, he maintained.
The 20-day event will be held in September 2021. Prince and princess of Tuscany, Italy, will be the guests while some models from Europe have already arrived in Kathmandu. Tented camps will be erected to accommodate the guests and participants which will engage about 300-350 porters and 40 local guides.

“Everything will be filmed and developed into a reality show for the larger audience,” said Gupta.
Gemologist and CFO of the Fashion Runway, Riken Maharjan, presented the model of the miniature Mt. Everest at the press conference and said, “It will be made of Kyanite, a precious stone. The gem and jewelry industry in Nepal will have new opportunities with this initiative,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Chair of Ward No. 4 of the Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality, Laxman Adhikari, said that the Khumbu region which lies in the Sagarmatha National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – has a unique environment for researchers, tourists and students owing to its biodiversity and varied topography.
He maintained that the local people, national park and the government would host the programme that aims to develop sustainable fashion and sustainable tourism, however everything would be done respecting the rules of the community, national park, UNESCO and the country.

He said that the government budget was insufficient to meet the development demand as the money is allocated on the basis of the local population while Khumbu region serves about 100,000 people a year.
The organisers the Runway Season 2 said that they are planning to organise the event twice a year.

Source : TRN,