Mountain Cleaning Team Recovers Human Remains, Helicopter Wreckage

A ‘Mountain Cleaning Campaign-2021’ team led by the Nepali Army recovered two human remains with mountaineering gears some 200 metres South of Dhaulagiri Base Camp and wreckage of a helicopter.
According to a press statement issued by the Directorate of Public Relations and Information on Friday, the cleaning team recovered the wreckage of a helicopter having call signal 9N-ACR some one kilometer away from the same base camp towards the Italian Base Camp on Thursday.
Further investigation has been initiated for the identification of the human remains.
According to preliminary information, the wreckage belonged to an Air Dynasty chopper which crashed in 2006. In addition, necessary coordination has been initiated with the concerned agencies regarding the management of the remains.
The teams deployed in the campaign with the noble objective of cleaning six mountains, including Mount Everest, are collecting waste materials in close cooperation and collaboration with the local governments, concerned organisations and locals.
The mountain Cleaning Campaign that started on April 25, 2021 has so far collected 5,154 kilograms of waste, including 355 kg of bio-degradable and 4,799 kg of non-bio-degradable waste.