Mountain University Planned In Karnali

The Karnali Province government has begun the process of constructing Mountain University of Science and Technology.
According to former Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Naresh Bhandari of Karnali Province, a bill for that purpose has been tabled in the provincial parliament. The university’s central office will be in Chandannath Municipality in Jumla district.
The university is expected to significantly uplift the education sector of the province in a similar manner the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) has done in the health sector.
A decade ago, the bill for the KAHS was endorsed by the parliament. Since then, the academy has been serving the province and its people very well by providing health-related services.
“We expect a huge support for the bill so that it sails easily through the parliament. We are determined to make the university an educational hub,” said Bhandari.
As per the Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI), which conducted the feasibility study of the university in August of 2019, it will be on par with other universities of Nepal.
“The university will mainly focus on the study of Mountain, Science and Technology along with natural and cultural assets of Karnali. That could contribute towards rapid economic development of the province and the country as a whole,” says the institute in its summary report.
The Karnali government has viewed the university to be a centre for both study and research on agriculture, forest, medicinal herbs, energy, tourism and biodiversity of the Himalayan region.
The bill was tabled in the parliament by former Minister for Social Development of Karnali Bimala KC, after assuming the post of minister on April 26. It is set to gather pace once the parliament resumes.
“Once the bill is endorsed, the construction of the university’s building should be started, and be completed at the earliest. It will surely be a great educational hub for many,” said KC.