Mt. Everest Route Fix Team At Camp One

This year’s Mount Everest ascent route to the first camp has been prepared.

Chief Administrative Officer of the Everest Pollution Control Committee, Chhiring Sherpa, said that a team of icefall doctors had reached the first camp on Thursday by hanging a rope from the Khumbu Icefall.

Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee, Solukhumbu has taken the responsibility to build the road from the base camp to the second camp of 6,200 meters. Sherpa informed that the Khumbu Icefall, also known as the Snow Forest, has to be paved with four to six ladders of seven meters in length. He informed that the organisation has placed 40 to 50 ladders in the last few years but this year it could be up to 70 ladders.

Mount Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse are climbed through Khumbu Icefall. Meanwhile, the committee has stated that the road to the second camp will be completed by the first week of April. After that, the Expedition Operator’s Association Nepal has assigned Seven Summit Treks to build the road from the second camp to the Everest peak.

The Director of the trek, Chhangdawa Sherpa, informed The TRN Online that a team led by renowned mountain guide Kamirita Sherpa is preparing at the base camp to build the road to the summit by fixing 11,000 meters of rope.

The Everest Pollution Control Committee and the Climbers’ Association have been charging 600 Dollars and 200 Dollars per person respectively.

Although the number of climbers has come down this year as compared to last year, the businessmen said that they are ready to complete the ascent by the first week of May, said Mohan Bahadur GC, spokesperson of the Tourism Department.

Source : TRN,