Mugu apple farmers worry as road remains damaged

  • August 23, 2019

Apple farmers in the district have worried after the Nagma- Gamagadhi road section of the Karnali Highway blocked in July has not been repaired.The road was damaged due to heavy rainfall in the third week of July.

The farmers fear that they will be unable to sell the apples grown in their farms in lack of vehicular movements on the road.

In the past and local businessmen and those from outside the district used to supply the apples grown by the farmers to the markets in Surkhet, Nepalgunj, Dang, Butwal and other towns of the Terai by the first week of August.

But this year, the road was damaged in the apple harvesting season, worrying the farmers.

In the past, businessmen used to reach different villages of Chhayanath Rural Municipality to buy apples and take them to the Terai.

The businessmen even used to give money in advance to the farmers. But, this year no businessman has reached the villages due to obstruction of the road.

“Ripe apples have begun falling from the trees but no businessman has come to the village. We have stocked the apples in the farm,” said Raj Kumar Bham, an apple farmer of Chhayanath Rural Municipality-5.

He said apple production this year was better but they had wait from morning to evening to sell even a basketful apples.

“The yield was so good that many of the trees have fallen being unable to bear the fruit. Birds have also spoiled the ripe apples in trees,” he said.

Had the road not been blocked, they would have been supplying the fruit to Terai, he said.