Music Is The Field Of Immortality: Singer KC

Songs and music have a special power. They touch the mind and heart of the audience and remain in memory for a long time.
Many new songs come in the music market every year, however, only a few songs can leave impression for a long time.
Among them, one is singer Sita KC’s “Malai America Yehi” which was released in 2013.
The song was written by famous singer Pashupati Sharma and singer KC accompanied Sharma in this song. Both Sharma and KC were featured in the music video as well.
Even before this song, KC had sung many other songs, but this song proved to be a milestone in KC’s music career. She also took this song as a turning point of her career.
After this song, she has been busy attending one programme after another, both in home and abroad.
Dozens of her songs came to the market after this hit. She received several honours and awards, including the ‘Chhinnalata Award’, ‘The Image Award’, ‘The National Capital Award’, and ‘The Nepali Art Culture and Music Award’.
She grew up at Galkot in Baglung. She became familiar with songs since childhood as both her father and mother were singers.
She said she used to sing with her mother in various programmes in the village from her early age.
However, her singing career started only from 2006 when she got her voice test in radio Nepal.
When she came to Kathmandu, she first started singing from Dohori Shaaj.
So far, KC has recorded over 500 songs.
She is now preparing to come up with a new song. “Due to ongoing lockdown, it is becoming difficult to bring new creations to the market. Nevertheless, a new song will be coming to the market soon,” she said.
She said she is satisfied with what she did in music. “The field of creation is the field of immortality, a creation that gives people an opportunity to live with a different identity in society,” she said.
“Music is an ocean where you can get lost after jumping and it is an addiction and once you start it, you can’t escape from it. When you are engrossed in creation, you forget about the time,” she said.
She said she is always thinking about giving something new in her works.
Her songs “Chhala Chhala Pani Gagrima”, “Piratiko Dori”, “Kammar Markaudai and Salaijo, Kauda are famous among the listeners.