Mutthi Daan Campaign To Ensure No One Goes Hungry

Since the coronavirus pandemic-induced prohibitory order has been imposed in Tanahu district, daily wage workers as well informal sector workers are the ones bearing its maximum brunt.
They are more concerned about starving to death than the virus itself.
But thanks to Mutthi Daan, an initiative of Manakamana Ashram of Byas Municipality-11 aiming to donate a handful of grains to feed the needy, hopes have been raised that they won’t go hungry.
Traditionally, Mutthi dan used to be a widely-practiced custom in Nepal in which people set aside a portion of their food or grain to feed wandering sadhus and beggars who came to their doorsteps for alms.
The Ashram has asked those associated with it to support the hungry by feeding them with the food they have earmarked.
According to the ashram, the campaign has been launched to help the daily wage workers and their families who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.
Rajan Adhikari, chairman of the ashram, said the ashram itself was set up with the aim of helping the needy.
“The campaign would help the poor by collecting a handful of grains every morning and evening from those who are willing to lend them their supporting hands,” said Adhikari, adding, “Fifty such families have come forward for the purpose.”
Adhikari added that the concept Mutthi daan has become not only relevant again but also doable in modern society.
Ram Chandra Adhikari, director of Milung Medical Hall in Byas Municipality-2, has provided plastic containers to collect the donated rice grains.
The campaign was officially launched on Thursday, after chairman of Tanahu chapter of World Hindu Federation Tulsiram Sigdel handed over the containers.
According to Sigdel, such campaigns would help in making a society moral as well as spread the message that humanity is the greatest religion.
Member of the federation, Prem Prakash Bhattarai, said that the campaign should be made a huge success.