Myagde’s Female Chairperson Ale Proves Mettle In Rock Climbing

When rock climber Lal Kumar Shrestha asked Myagde Rural Municipality´s chairperson Maya Devi Rana Ale to only watch them climbing the rock, she had other plan in her mind.
She, too, climbed the rock like a professional—to the amazement of many, including Shrestha. “I had thought that the treacherous climb will deter her from even setting foot on a rock, but to our surprise reaching atop a gigantic rock wasn’t much of a challenge for her,” said Shrestha.

Ale did the rock climbing at Ward No. 4 of Bandipur Municipality, where she had gone to explore the possibilities of improving tourism prospect in the Shera village through the adventurous sport.
“The motivation that a woman can perform on par with a man led me to climb the rock fearlessly,” said Ale, adding, “The rural municipality has seen the possibility of rock climbing in its 60-metre-tall rock, and the area is close enough from the Prithvi Highway to lure many tourists.”

“We are planning to operate a rock climbing in our own municipality, and giving it a try in Bandipur rock was meant to learn how to do so effectively,” added Ale.
“Helmet, harness, quick draw, dynamic rope, tape ceiling and lock and unlock carabiner, among other gears, need to be managed for rock climbing,” informed officials at Bimalnagar Siddhagufa Management Committee, which has been operating rock climbing in Chun Pahara, Bimalnagar by making 28 routes. 

Source : TRN,