Myagdidslides Sweep Away Water Pipelines Leading To Water Shortage In Bagarphant Village

Bagarphant village at Beni Municipality-2 in Myagdi district is grappling without drinking water for the past two months after landslides damaged water sources and pipelines. On June 21, landslides at Maruwa, Upllo Khanna and Bankhe Chhaharo damaged water sources and pipelines causing a shortage of water for 208 houses in the village.

Shortly the damaged water sources and pipelines were repaired resuming water facility to the villagers. Again, landslips at various places in the village damaged water sources and pipelines.

Without clean and safe water, the local people are dependent on polluted water. “We are facing hard times without water facility. After 28 water taps in the village running dry, we are forced to depend on polluted water from local wells,” said Gopal Sharma, a local of Beni-2.

The water supply and sanitation project constructed a water project in the village in 2069 BS at the cost of Rs 5.4 million. Water was extracted from local Kopre river at the border of Beni-3 and 2 and distributed to the local people.

Earlier, flooding and landslides damaged water pipelines during every monsoon. “But we repaired them time and again. But this time, general repair is not enough and repair is not possible as well due to torrential rainfall,” said the project chair Krishna Bahadur Karki, adding that repair work would take place after rainfall stops.

Source : RSS,