Mystery Rivulet Hydel Project’s Test Production Affected With Employees Contracting COVID-19

The calendar of test production of the 42-MW Mystery Rivulet Hydropower Project constructed in Myagdi’s Annapurna rural municipality-4, Narchyang has been affected with its employees contacting with the coronavirus.

The project having Mountain Energy Nepal Limited as the promoter had developed a calendar with its preparation to initiate test production on March 30 (Tuesday). The timeline for test production has been affected with five Indian employees of the project were diagnosed with coronavirus last week.

Swab samples of other 76 employees who had come to close contact with the infected were collected and sent for test.

Annapurna rural municipality’s health section coordinator, Samundra Baruwal confirmed that 11 employees serving with Mystery rivulet hydel project and a local out of the samples collected were confirmed with COVID-19.

The coronavirus-infected employees with normal health condition have been kept at Narchyang-based Corona Hospital.

Chudamani Ghimire, a local, informed that the test production in the stipulated time saw a trouble with the employees and technicians contracting to the virus.

Source : RSS,