NAC Committed To Passengers’ Safety

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has said it is committed to passengers’ safety and national and international aviation safety standards. In a press statement today, the NAC said its decision to fly an aircraft followed the flight permission by the French company Airbus after going through a safety test.

The NAC clarification follows a report that on January 8, 2021, RA 240 flights en route from Doha, Qatar to Kathmandu made a ‘hard landing’ at TIA. It was noticed only on February 9 during the assessment of regular flight data, as the NAC said.

The concerned pilot is obliged to report about the case through the mandatory occurrence report, but the obligation was overlooked and the pilot has been suspended for dereliction of duty since February 24.

The NAC consulted the air manufacturing company Airbus on whether the aircraft could be operated and was informed that there would be no problems for operating it for two months, but it requires certain checking during this period and the aircraft is being used for operating regular flights.

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