NAC Plane Flying To Beijing Tonight To Bring In Vero Cell, All Vaccines To Be Transported Within This Week

The wide-body plane of the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is flying to Beijing tonight to bring in the Vero Cell vaccine purchased by the government of Nepal.

Dim Prasad Paudel, NAC General Manager, informed that the aircraft will fly to Beijing to transport the vaccine from there to Kathmandu.

He said that the NAC plane was flying to Beijing six days after the previously made schedule because the Chinese side wanted to postpone the cargo flight as they were not prepared to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine.

The NAC planes will be flying to Beijing also on Thursday and Saturday to bring in the vaccine, according to NAC GM Paudel.

Earlier, the NAC wide-body plane A330 had on July 9 brought 809 thousand doses of the Vero Cell as the first lot of the 4 million doses of the vaccine that Nepal has purchased from China on the GtoG procurement basis.

Source : TRN,