NARA To Launch River Protection Programme

Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (NARA) is to forward river protection programme for operation of rafting business.

The 32nd general meeting of NARA held on Sunday also decided to operate rafting business by maintaining mutual understanding among the rafting agencies for reinstating the rafting business badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similarly, the meeting has decided to implement a code of conduct related to rafting, to make arrangements for providing the required training to rafting operators and staff and to discourage illegal rafting business, NARA general secretary Shishir Khanal said.

Likewise, NARA has also made decisions as making effective marketisation for the promotion of rafting, taking necessary initiation at the bodies concerned for providing concessional loan to the rafting agencies from banks and financial institutions.

Other decisions taken by the general meeting include making necessary initiation for the formulation of insurance policy that is friendly to the rafting business, determining the minimum rafting charge in view of the present situation and to make efforts to have the rivers enlisted in the ‘White Water Book’ opened for rafting.

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