Narayani Ayurvedic Hospital Faces Shortages Of Medicines

With the increased number of patients and service-seekers, the Narayani Ayurvedic Hospital in Hetauda has witnessed shortages of some medicines lately.

Chief of the Hospital, Dr Srishti Shrestha, said there was shortfall of some medicines for lack of insufficient drugs, human resources and budget.

The hospital is run under the Ministry of Social Development of Bagmati Province.

The number of patients in the hospital has gone up during the pandemic period, as more people have started using Ayurvedic medicines to boost immune system against Covid-19.

The hospital is also working for the treatment and counseling of corona virus patients as per the instruction of the Department of Ayurveda of the federal government.

Dr Shrestha shared that a total of 3,711 people received health care services from the hospital in the first five months of the current fiscal year while the number of visitors was 3,000 in the same period last year.

According to Dr Shrestha, more than 60 patients visit the hospital everyday for the treatment of different cases including for free health care services.

She, however, complained for insufficient budget for the procurement of medicines adding that the hospital has got Rs 2.3 million in the current fiscal year under the heading of drug procurement.

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