National Census scheduled for November 11

The National Census, 2021 which was halted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, has now been rescheduled from November 11 to 25.

Director-General of National Bureau of Statistics Nebin Lal Shrestha said, “The main census program has been scheduled for November 11 to 25, while household enumeration programme will begin on September 15 and last till October 4,”

“At present, census office is operational in all seven provinces and 80 district census offices,” said Shrestha, adding that efforts are underway to open the other 349 census offices.

The census was earlier scheduled for June 8 to 22. The census, conducted every 10 years, has the slogan, ‘My Census, My Participation: National Census, 2021’.

The Cabinet of Ministers had postponed the census on May 2 citing the increased new COVID-19 cases but the meeting of the reformed government on September 6 approved the new schedule for the census prepared by the Bureau.

“The Bureau has decided to launch the census after people’s lives returned to normalcy following the decreasing rate of COVID-19 cases and removal of prohibition orders,” it said at a press conference organised on Wednesday.

Thirty-nine thousand enumerators and 8,000 supervisors will be deployed for the census within a given timeframe of 15 days in a country of nearly 30 million population as per the previous census.