Natural Disasters Claimed 590 Lives In One Year

Natural disasters, which occurred in the last one year from April 13, 2020 to April 13, 2021, claimed 590 lives and injured 1,135. Likewise, 101 individuals are reported to have gone missing in the disasters.
According to a record maintained by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA), 4,137 incidents of natural disaster were registered during the aforementioned time frame, which caused damage to property worth Rs. 2.01 billion.
According to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NDRRMA Anil Pokharel, within the same period, 3,391 domestic animals were killed, out of which 1,404 died in forest and household fires.
The government has listed the incidents like fire, lightning, snakebite, wild animal attack, flood, landslide, continuous rain and strong wind as the eight major natural incidents responsible for wreaking massive havoc all across the country.
In 479 incidents of landslides, 301 persons were killed and 226 were injured. Similarly, 96 people lost their lives in 2,566 cases of household and forest fires.
Similarly, 70 individuals succumbed to 247 instances of lighting, leaving further 247 people and 717 livestock injured.
Likewise, 97 incidents of flood occurred in the year, killing 42 people and injuring 11 others. Still 37 people are said to have gone missing after being swept away by the rivers in the last monsoon.
Similarly, 243 incidents of wild animal attacks have been recorded, in which 37 people died and 192 sustained injuries. Snakebite incidents were also responsible for 21 deaths and 39 injuries. In addition to these, 15 and eight individuals lost their lives as a result of continuous rain and strong winds.
According to CEO Pokharel, fire incidents had alone damaged property worth Rs. 1.81 billion while flood and landslides swept away property worth Rs. 990 million in 2077 BS.