NC Concerns Over Govt Effort To Introduce Social Network Management Guidelines

The main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) has expressed concern over what it called the government attempt to revive the controversial Information Technology (IT) Bill in a new form in the name of ‘Social Network Management Guidelines’.

Party Spokesperson Bishwa Prakash Sharma in a press statement today argued that there was no question over the efforts to fairly regulate the social network, make it decent, safe and healthy and the existing law had well addressed the issues. ”If further provisions are needed to deal with the issues, widespread discussions are required.”

But preparations to introduce the guidelines when the Parliament has been dissolved had obviously raised question over the government’s intention, he added.

He is of the opinion that no guidelines should come through an executive order influencing civic rights and it is not permitted as well. The party has warned the government not to proceed towards issuing the proposed guidelines.

The party has specially called on the young generation to be aware of the government’s intention on time and stand for the promotion of freedom of expression.

Source : RSS,