NC Convention From Today, Paudel Braces To Have Single Candidate

The Nepali Congress is all set to hold its lower committee or the ward level general convention from Friday.
NC Central Election Committee coordinator Mahadev Yadav informed that the 14th general convention begins from Friday in 56 districts, where the active membership issue was resolved.

Meanwhile, NC rival faction led by senior leader Ram Chandra Paudel on Thursday said the faction would choose a single party president candidate by forging a consensus.
Orgnising a press meet at the party central office Sanepa of Lalitpur, the faction said they would make consensus on a single candidate.

Paudel said only one candidate would contest in the 14th general convention of the party from his faction for the post of party chief. Addressing his loyals, he said, “We will forward one candidate on the basis of consensus. Be assured.”
However, he said the name would be finalised later on.

Paudel, general secretary Dr. Shashanka Koirala, leader Prakash Man Singh and Dr. Shekhar Koirala are in race for party top post from the camp.
At the press meet Paudel, Koirala duo and Singh were present along with senior leaders Arjun Narasingh KC, Sujata Koirala and Gagan Thapa. KC said his faction was determined to forward a single candidate.

Source : TRN,