NC Demands Action Against Guilty Of Baitadi Incident

The Central Women Department of the Nepali Congress has asked the government to carry out fair investigation on the rape and murder case of Bhagirathi Bhatta of Baitadi district and action against the guilty.

Issuing a press release today, Department Secretary Laxmi Khatiwada condemned the incident and urged the government not to make any negligence in course of carrying out an investigation into the case.

The Department has assigned its member Radhika Singh to coordinate with Baitadi and carry out necessary work including on-site visit to ensure justice for the victims.

Saying the incident, where Bhatta, a student at Sanatan Dharma Secondary School, Dogadakedar of Baitadi was raped and killed in a jungle while returning home from school, has shocked the entire nation again, the Department demanded the appropriate compensation to the victim family.

Source : RSS,