NC Distributes Booklet On MCC To Dispel Confusions

Ruling Nepali Congress has started distributing a booklet “MCC grant assistance agreement: illusion and fact” to the people.
Party’s representatives mobilised in the first phase election campaign for the local level election are distributing the booklet.

NC spokesperson Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat informed that the 46-page booklet aims to clear confusions about the Millennium Challenge Cooperation (MCC) Compact by telling the truth. In the booklet, the party has said that the statements that the US army will come to Nepal after the implementation of the MCC was wrong, MCC is not under the Indo-Pacific Strategy and Nepal’s foreign policy would not be conducted as per the US security strategies.

The booklet says MCC is not a forceful assistance as per the US interest; it was a political propaganda that the NC was a US-loyal party, and that the communist-led governments had involvement in the MCC agreement.
The party further said that the Maoist Centre had been involved in the compact agreement process, as a coalition partner in government and the MCC was for carrying out tasks relating to building transmission lines and road construction as per the need of Nepal and the transmission line was also chosen by Nepal.

The party also said the Millennium Challenge Development Committee was not under the US government and it would not run on the basis of the US instruction as it was formed on the basis of the Development Committee Act, 2013 BS and the board members are also appointed by the Nepal government.
The booklet also informs that MCC and MCA-Nepal were not bodies of the US and its accounts auditing would be done by Nepal’s office of the Auditor General and it is not above Nepal’s government and policy.

The MCC has no land and source and land for the project would be acquired as per Nepal’s law, while tax would be imposed on procurement of instruments, property and services of the assistance and the statement that for MCC the Indian side’s agreement was mandatory was not realistic and no pre-agreement was reached on it before the MCC agreement.
Meanwhile, NC general secretary Gagan Kumar Thapa urged party rank and file to convince people about MCC reaching every household of the people.

Speaking at a party entry programme organised by NC Banepa Municipality Committee in Kavre on Wednesday, Thapa said the communists sold confusions and terror and the NC should remove such confusions.

He stressed the need to give a five-year tenure for an NC-led government for country’s development and bring about changes in people’s living standards.
He underlined the need for the NC to change the country’s condition.

Source : TRN,