NC Leader Koirala Rules Out Possibility Of Holding Party General Convention In Falgun

Nepali Congress General Secretary Dr Shashank Koirala ruled out the possibility of organising party General Convention within the stipulated timeframe of the Nepali month of coming Falgun citing various reasons including a lack of time to distribute party active memberships.

He suggested that the Convention be convened in the second or third week of April, 2021 as there he said have been many works remained to be done for it.

The leader was talking with journalists at a function today here.

“Party active members from districts should reach the center by mid-December. Claim and defend the nomination takes place, which needs time,” he said. Discussions with responsible party leaders were underway to finalise candidacy for the Convention, he said.

“Party cadres wish for me being party president. Discussions to this effect with Ram Chandra Ji, Prakash Man Ji, Shekhar Dai and Sujata among others have not taken place,” he said. In another context, he said the NC would not join the incumbent government in view of present situation, reasoning that party would bear a big loss if it does so.

Source : RSS,