NC leader Thapa calls for organising presidential election in time

Nepali Congress General Secretary Gagan Kumar Thapa has stressed the need for organising the Presidential election in time.

There have been efforts in place to postpone the poll under the pretext of the contravention of the constitution and election laws, he reasoned at a gathering of party cadres organised today here at Damauli by the NC, Tanahun. “Presidential election should take place in time. This time, the NC tries to make its candidate for the post of President victorious.”

Saying the party would take a decision in choosing a candidate for the coveted post within some days, he urged all political parties to make their candidate victorious.

“In fact, we have expected the ruling CPN (Maoist Centre) to vote for the candidate fielded by the NC. It is because Pushpa Kamal Dahal (incumbent Prime Minister) won the recently held parliamentary elections from Gorkha district with the support of NC’s votes. I also won from Kathmandu constituency with the support of Maoist Centre’s votes,” he said.

Stating that the Maoist Centre should vote for the NC’s candidate for the post of President as the party had supported PM Dahal to get a vote of confidence from the House of Representatives, he said, “Political balance will be maintained if this takes place.”

In another context, the leader viewed that the NC should move ahead united as the party he said could not be strong being united with other parties as past evidence showed.

The party would reach out to people with new programmes, he said.

Party’s sister organisations would get a full shape within coming February 19, and preparations were underway to organise the party’s police convention in the next three months, he said. (RSS)