NC Not To Participate In CC Meet: Leader KC

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Nepali Congress central member Arjun Narsingh KC has said his party would not participate in the Constitutional Council meeting in the existing situation. In his address to a press meet organized by Nepal Press Union, Kaski in Pokhara today, the NC leader said the Council was established by including executive, legislative and judiciary chiefs and the leader of major opposition on the assumption that the constitutional body will be responsible for rule of law and be free and impartial.

He went on to say that an ordinance has come breaching the provisions of a four-member quorum and its decision weakened the democratic norms and values. The former co- general secretary of the NC said the party would not participate in the government respecting people’s mandate to stay in the main opposition for five years.

Holding the 14th general convention of the party is one of the major tasks of the NC, he added.

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