NC senior leader Poudel to contest parliamentary election from Tanahun-1

Nepali Congress (NC) senior leader Ram Chandra Poudel has announced to contest upcoming parliamentary election from Tanahun district electoral constituency-1.

Leader Poudel, who arrived his home town Damauli, announced that he would vie for the House of Representatives (HOR) election scheduled for November 20 from Tanahun-1.

He had already talked to the NC central member, district president and other leaders representing the party from Tanahun about his candidacy, leader Poudel said, “There was an understanding among all leaders about my candidacy. We would formalize the understanding after some time”, he added.

On a query how he was taking the claim of the CPN (Unified Socialist) from Tanahun constituency-1, Poudel clarified that their claim would not be established when he himself was interested to fight election from the constituency.

“I took the role of a moderator in the formation of the incumbent government. Their claim would not work when I moved head for electoral race”, Poudel asserted.

Even the potential candidate from the CPN (Unified Socialist) had insisted Madhav Nepal and me for exploring alternative arrangement for him when senior leader himself was interested to contest from the constituency, Poudel said.

On a different note, leader Poudel said he was effortful to conserve the Ghansikuwa Park and pond at Byas-12, Ghansikuwa. He shared discussion is being held with the authorities concerned in this regard. (RSS)